Swades Aahar

Dal Khichdi

The good old Toor Daal Khichdi, tempered with select spices and oodles of Ghee.

Akshardham Khichdi

No Onions, no Garlic, yet tempting, a déjà vu down the lane of Akshardham!

Vaghareli Khichdi

From the households of Gujarat, this is a house speciality.

Kashmiri Mong Khetchir

A mild and simple Green Moong & Rice preparation for the days you want nothing fancy.

Vegetable Masala Khichdi

Garden fresh veggies with spiced Daal Khichdi.

Panchkuta Khichdi

A perfect mix of hand beaten Moong, Urad, Toor, Masoor & Chana Daal, tempered with Rice.

Bajra & Moong Khichdi

A delectable yet subtle preparation.

Khada Masala Khichdi

Raged with dollops of Desi Ghee and select whole Indian Spices. A must try!

Sabudana Ki Khichdi

A fast favourite - semi dry Sabudana Khichdi, spiced with fresh Green Chillies. oyscfhd8 d9uyfv9dp oucdyfsn9dh juicvhg

Hare Pyaaz aur Lehsoon ki Khichdi

For the love of Garlic! The name says it all.

Fada khichdi

A perfect moet of broken Wheat and yellow Moong Daal, simmered to perfection.

Palak & Corn Khichdi

Toor Daal & Rice Khichdi in a spiced Spinach paste mush and Sweet Corn kernels

Himachali Urad ki Khichdi

A spicy and flavorful affair.

Karnataka Style Huggi

An aromatic and flavourful preparation, Cinnamon, Cardamom & Turmeric melange with yellow Moong Daal & Rice.

Bikaneri Gehu ki Khichdi

Whole wheat delicacy with oodles of ghee, flavoured with cumin and salt.

Thayir Sadam Pals

“Thayir” means curd, “Sadam” means Rice and “Pals” mean Daal! Our version of curd rice.

Andhra Style Hyderabadi Khichdi

A rich and aromatic preparation spiced with whole Pepper Corns, Curry Leaves and Cumin Seeds.

Saat Dhan ki Khichdi

A healthy and wholesome dish made from 7 varieties of grains.

Vilayati Twist | Kuchh Alag Sa

Sichaun Khichdi

Desi style Chinese Khichdi!

Mushroom & Pesto Khichdi

Taste buds speak louder than words. Let them yonder in this beautiful journey!

Cheese Masala Khichdi

Yes! This has Cheese. Oodles of it!

Thai Khichdi

Scrumptious and luscious variant. Thai Curry lovers’ delight!

Mexican Khichdi

Refried Beans. Check. Salsa. Check. Cheese Sauce. Check. All in one Khichdi. Check!

Baked Khichdi

Creamy. Cheesy. Classy.

Achari Khichdi

A lip-smacking and tangy preparation

Bina Chaawal ki Khichdi

Yes, no Rice, a delight with a select assortments of Daals and Veggies.

Soya Kheema Khichdi

Minced Soya Chunks Khichdi, spiced to perfection.

Sprouts Khichdi

Healthy, light, yummy!

Tadkewali Oatmeal Khichdi

Healthy, delectable, perfect!

Daal Makhani Khichdi

Creamy, rich, buttery, in short delightful

Methi Mutter Malai Khichdi

Creamy, rich, a li’l sweet but a must have!

Paneer Bhurji Khichdi

For the love of Paneer!

Amritsari Chole Khichdi

Amritsari Style Chole Seasoned with fresh blend of ground spices in Khichdi

Bisi Bela Khichdi

Originally from Karnataka, this Khichdi is prepared using spicy Masala, Toor Daal, Rice, select Vegetables and generous amounts of Ghee

Tawa Bhaji Khichdi

Inspired from our most favourite street food - Pav Bhaji

Puchka Khichdi

Pani Puri and Khichdi!! Need we say more?

Smoked Bharta Khichdi

The Kind of veggies royally blended with the humble Khichdi!

Saat Samandar Paar Se


British version of Khichdi, a flavourful melange of spices and vegetables.


All the way from the lands of Pharoahs, an eyptians version of khichdi cooked with macaroni and rice.

Paneer Lababdar

Cottage cheese chunks in thick creamy tomato gravy, flavoured with onion, bell peppers and secret herbs.

Subz Dum ki Kali

Combination of vegetables slow cooked in rich tomato gravy.

Kadhi Pakoda

From the remote households of Punjab, we bring you a chatpata delicacy!

Paneer Khada Masala

Paneer Cubes tossed with Pepper, Tomatoes and Ground Spices

Vegetable Kadai

Combination of vegetables, Capsicum, Tomato, Onion and Traditional Indian Spices cooked over Indian Woke

Tawa Paratha

Sweet Something | Dahi & Extras

Shahi Mewa ka Halwa

Our specialty, oodles of Ghee, Cardamom & a melange of select dry fruits!

Gulab ki Kheer

A must try! Served chilled!

Fresh Ice Cream

Fresh Guava/Mosambi Badam/Pan Mukhwas

Malai Anjeer Kulfi
Plain Curd
Bhuna Jeera Chhash
Roasted Papad
Desi Ghee
Masala Papad

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