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A landmark for all Khichdi lovers, where they can rejoice our signature Khichdi dishes with refreshing ambiance. We are on a mission to serve you tirelessly by accompanying you and your loved ones with the best of Khichdis. KHICHDI etc. is India’s only authentic Khichdi restaurant chain.

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Khichdi witnessed a new milestone on 4 Nov, 2017 in World India Food event, where over 800 kg of traditional Indian Khichdi made with rice, pulses, cereals and spices was promoted as Brand India Food, rightly capturing the distinctive feature of unity in diversity of Indian culture.

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The Chronicles of Khichdi

The history of Khichdi is traced since Vedic civilization to the Mahabharata times, from the Mughal era till date. From Chanakya to Chandragupta Maurya, from Greek historian Megasthenes to Moroccan scholar Ibn Batuta, from Russian adventurer Nikitin to French merchant Jean Tavernir, all have described how Khichdi was a part of contemporary food in their writings. Khichdi has assumed diverse delicious forms not only in Indian states, but it is also believed to have inspired British dish Kedgeree as well.
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Our Menu

Each of the Khichdis presented here has its legendary history and a peculiar charm. All bring with them a remembrance of a unique culture from various regions across India and world. Be it an Akshardham Inspired Khichdi or Thai Khichdi, Baked Khichdi or Palak & Corn Khichdi, each Khichdi evokes a powerful experience of its own. It may even transport you into your nostalgia!.

Dal Khichdi

The good old Toor Daal Khichdi, tempered with select spices and oodles of Ghee.

Akshardham Khichdi

No Onions, no Garlic, yet tempting, a déjà vu down the lane of Akshardham!

Vaghareli Khichdi

From the households of Gujarat, this is a house specialty.

Kashmiri Mong Khetchir

A mild and simple Green Moong & Rice preparation for the days you want nothing fancy.

Sabudana Ki Khichdi

A fast favourite - semi dry Sabudana Khichdi, spiced with fresh Green Chillies.

Vegetable Masala Khichdi

Garden fresh veggies with spiced Daal Khichdi.

Panchkuta Khichdi

A perfect mix of hand beaten Moong, Urad, Toor, Masoor & Chana Daal, tempered with Rice.

Bajra & Moong Khichdi

A delectable yet subtle preparation.

Khada Masala Khichdi

Raged with dollops of Desi Ghee and select whole Indian Spices. A must try!

Hare Pyaaz aur Lehsoon ki Khichdi

For the love of Garlic! The name says it all.

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Panchkuta Khichdi

A perfect mix of hand beaten Moong, Urad, Toor, Masoor & Chana Daal, tempered with Rice.

Mexican Khichdi

Refried Beans, Check-Salsa, Check. Cheese Sauce, All in one Khichdi!

Sabudana ki Khichdi

A fast favourite - semi dry Sabudana Khichdi, spiced with fresh Green Chillies.

Bina Chaawal ki Khichdi

Yes, no rice, a delight with a select assortments of Daals and Veggies.

Khichdi and the masala one just put a flavor bomb in your mouth. The gulkand dessert and the kheer are heavy but yum. The place is cosy and price friendly. All and all had a lovely experience.

Cook of the kitchen

Nice place to chill and have Khichdi of different varieties.. it is a small and cozy place and food is nice too! Zomato Gold friendly so get back your friends and go to this place if you've never been too.

Aan Godiawala

Place is very unique not in terms of location but in terms of concept on which they are working on. The whole history of khichdi is displayed on their wall. Its unbelievable that people can also have varieties in khichdi. There are many of varieties available at this place and all of it very delicious and healthy.

Dhiral Kaniya

Khichdiss here are delicious. Order anything, you gonna love it. Place is small around 20 people can fit in at a time but that's the beauty, you get undivided attention from the service staff. Must visit if you love Khichdi.

Digvijay Parmar

From Authentic khichdi to fusion version, you will get it all here. I have always ordered it from this place and never disappointed till date. Palak Corn is a must try.

Krishna Patel

To say it is a lovely place would be an understatement.. Looking at the overall food quality, taste, items served and desserts; I would rather say - It's not just Khichdi. It's a bliss.

Jainil Shah

A place where you can find delicious Khichdi in a while range of different flavours and varieties. Definitely a must visit place for Khichdi lovers.

Shreyansh Shah

I love the different variety of khichdi. Especially the Hara Lasun Khichdi and Mexican and Thai Khichdi. Really appreciate the service and the staff. Even when ordered the food at home, the meal was hot and quantity was the same. Great work.

Lipi Bhavesh
Khichdi - Indian food!


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