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Nurturing Spirit of Sharing, Multiplying Smiles

Our Story


In ancient Indian scriptures known as Upanishads, the quality of food has been immensely valued since it sustains life. The food is not only cooked, served and engaged in with devotion, but it is also perceived as the means of sharing and caring together. Sharing conversations over food is a rewarding, fulfilling experience.

Khichdi should be appealing to all, irrespective of age group. Why not create a niche Khichdi chain that honors and celebrates Indian traditional iconic food items in a glorious way? We have entertained this thought by creating a sumptuous menu of more than 50 Khichdi delicacies.

We aim to make KHICHDI etc. a landmark for all Khichdi lovers, where they can rejoice our signature Khichdi dishes with refreshing ambiance. We are on a mission to serve you tirelessly by accompanying you and your loved ones with the best of Khichdis.
At KHICHDI etc., feel at home.

tasty and crunchy

Our Specialties

The Diverse offering of 50 plus khichdis is set to entice the gourmets. The KHICHDI etc. provides you a plethora of options in Khichdi helping you stay focused in your food endeavor.

Bina Chaawal Ki Khichdi, Achari Khichdi, Sprouts Khichdi, Tadkewali Oatmeal Khichdi

Our dessert specialties are a melange of select dry fruits ‘Sahi Mewa Ka Halwa’, A must try ‘Gulab Ki Kheer’, and 3 in 1 ‘Kulfi Platter’.

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